Daniel Salazar 

Owner of Krank Brooklyn

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Daniel Salazar, a native New Yorker born and raised on Lower East Side of Manhattan New York. He always had a love for sports and being active. Despite being an aggressive rollerblader and Thai boxing from his early  teen years, always battled with his weight. Over the years, he would study and educate himself on different methods to become more physically fit.


He found that he was able to combine his love of science with his competitive nature. It was then that he decided to pursue a career as a Personal Trainer. As a former trainer for a high end health and sports club, he has tremendous experience working with individuals of all fitness levels.


Daniel took his love for fitness to the next level in 2010 when he open his gym Krank Brooklyn. Along the way, to aid in developing his “coach’s eye,” he continues his education year after year and holds multiple certifications, accreditations and attends workshops and seminars year after year.


Daniel prides himself on his ability to bring energy and encouragement to sessions at Krank Brooklyn giving clients a one of a kind training session like they never before.




Credentials / certifications: 

– American Academy of Personal Training Graduate with honors

– National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) – CPT

– National Academy of Sports Medicine’s (NASM) – CPT

– Certified Functional Strength Coach

-USA Weight Lifting Level 1 – Sports Performance Coach

-Precision Nutrition Certified Exercise Nutritionist

– USA Powerlifting Certified Club coach

-Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC) Level 1 & 2

-Hard Style Kettlebell Certification (HKC)

-Certified Functional Strength Coach – Level 1

-Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist

-FMS – Functional Movement Screen facilitator

-SBS – Academy Graduate with Honors  – CPT

-Athletes acceleration – Certified Speed and agility coach

-IYCA – Youth Strength and Conditioning Coach






Miguel Gonzalez  

Manager / Head Coach  


miguel bio

Miguel is a strength and conditioning coach and an advocate for personal development beyond just the physical component. He takes a holistic approach to self-improvement, putting an emphasis on strengthening the body through empowering the mind. Miguel believes that you can attain your best through using all available methods, always making sure that safety is the number one priority.


Miguel has participated in multiple Spartan races, Powerlifting competitions,half-marathons, and ran the 2015 NYC Marathon.


Through consistent hard work and enthusiasm, Miguel continuously helps our members set, and achieved their personal fitness goals


Certifications / Credentials:

-American Academy for Personal Training Graduate

-National Academy of Sports Medicine’s (NASM) – CPT

-National Academy of Sports Medicine’s (NASM) – CES

-Kettle Bell concepts

-Marathon Coach NCCPT









Christian Andrews 



chris bio

This Brooklyn/queens native grew up athletic. Doing everything from attending sports camps as a kid to playground and high-school ball. Christian got his start in personal training in 2013 when he started studying for his certification and applied for a job at a big box gym. After a some time spent in that setting he realized a commercial gym was not for him and went seeking his own way coming across Krank Brooklyn in fall of 2014.

There his passion and involvement in barbell sports grew. A competitor in powerlifting, weightlifting and Cross-fit there is no sport the man wont try. Krank has become a second home for Christian taking his knowledge and experience of training to a level never though of. From doing group classes to coaching lift specific seminars and even coaching in competitions; the sky is the limit. From assessing clients for imbalances, to movement correction and injury prevention Christian is jack jack of all trades at Krank.



EFTI – Certified Personal Trainer

KettleBell Athletics – Level 1 & 2

FMS – Functional movement Screen Facilitator

USA Weight Lifting Level 1 – Sports Performance Coach





Jamal Sneed 

Assistant Coach 

jamal Bio


Jamal initially began his fitness journey when he was at a very low point in life.

Being 70lbs overweight, and taking heart medication in your mid 20’s everyday wasn’t fun.

He eventually hired a coach, a friend and eventual employer, Dan of Krank Brooklyn. Through Krank’s methodologies he was able to achieve his weight loss goal, and surpass his expectations by competing in half marathons, powerlifting meets and various other sports. Krank sparked a love for all things fitness, and led to me becoming a trainer so that I could help pay that feeling of achievement self-wealth forward.



– American Council on Exercise – Personal Trainer Certification

– CPR/AED Certification



Interests and Achievements:

– Power lifting (USAPL & RPS) 1st place finish 2x

– Olympic lifting

– Obstacle course racing (Tough Mudder, Spartan, Down & Dirty, Rugged Maniac) 7x finisher

– Half marathon & 10k (20x finisher)

– Triathlon

– Crossfit  (5x Competitor)





Ayman Ahmed 

Assistant Coach  

Ayman bio


Ayman’s journey into health and fitness began during his senior year of high school.

This Brooklyn native recalls growing up as, what he states, an underachieving youth who did just enough to get by. But found a coach and the weight room. What began as something he started to do to lose weight and trying to impress girls has grown and developed into much more.

The lessons he learned in the weight room have carried over to every facet of his personal and professional life.

The discipline, confidence and courage to follow through with ideas, pursuits, and goals that I could never imagine for myself at an earlier age.

Understanding that planning and strategy to are keys to achieving what he wanted out of life are invaluable tools that he hopes to pass down to the next crop of youth trainees.




– Krank Systems Intern Graduate Program

– Krank Systems squat and kettlebell seminar participant

– Camp TimberLake strength and exercise Coach


Interests and Achievements

– 2x USAPL competitor, 1x bronze medalist

– Pursuing Degree in Paramedic Emergency Medical Sciences

– Emergency medical technician certification