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What's up!!

I know a lot of people are kind of frightened the first time they step into a gym or training studio. They think people are going to look at them, they might be the most over weight or out of shape person in the group.

Well you won't be.


I give you my 100% guarantee that you won't find this type of workout at KRANK Systems!

If you don't know how to dance or even care to learn come through to KRANK Systems and get results without having to wear a leotard.


Everyone starts out at the beginning, everyone.

At KRANK Systems we enforce a strict no Ass Hole policy.

If your an Ass Hole, your out simple as that. That's why we offer the 2 week free trial.

To ensure Ass Holes, jerk off's or out right mean people don't even get through our door's we are TERMINATING the 2 week free trial EFFECTIVE JUNE 1st 2012.

So the only way people will be able to even see what KRANK Systems has to offer is if they are friends with a current member.

Yep, referrals from our members are the only way anyone will get a chance to join KRANK Systems.


So if you are friends with one of our members see if they can hook you up with a trial at KRANK.

This is just another way of keeping the quality of service and experience at your gym the best possible.















Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


2 Prince St. 5FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201




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