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I will be hosting a month long charity boot camp to support the NYC AIDS Walk starting on Monday, April 23rd – Sunday May 20th at 2 Prince St 5Fl, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Yari Pesante  and Karen Cleever, fellow members of Krank Systems has set a goals to raise $1,250.00+ for AIDS Walk New York. This event will bring together 45,000 people from all over New York and the tri-state area who care deeply about fighting HIV/AIDS in our community. Together we will raise urgently needed funds for GMHC and over 40 other local AIDS service organizations.


I’m really excited to start a series of charity workouts at Krank Brooklyn.  I feel fortunate to be running a successful business in today’s economy. With that, I’d like to be able to give back. Krank Brooklyn will be doing a variety of fundraisers throughout the year and we’re always interested in finding new partners. I chose to start with The NYC AIDS walk because Aids because there are many new drugs and treatments available, people are living longer and healthier lives with HIV/AIDS but the only way to help the people in our community that are affected by HIV/AIDS.


To register to participate in the charity boot camp workout or to just make a donation for yourself or on someones behalf go to or call 347-541-3181.


Just email your receipt to and lets workout to get rid of HIV/AIDS once and for all!!



Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


2 Prince St. 5FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201




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