Krank Systems fat loss gym Brooklyn | KB Training Session with George

So as you may already know were are going to be documenting the entire training program one of our Krank members.

He has 2 goals:

1) Take and pass the RKC. The RKC, the Russian Kettlebell Challenge is consider by the entire fitness community as the gold standard kettle bell certification course. It typically has a 25-30% failure rate for individuals that consider themselves highly prepared. Check out the requirements for the RKC HERE==>>

The RKC is this up coming September 28 – 30, 2012

2) Break the Kettle Bell world record held by Greek Kettlebell trainer Pavlos Georgiadis.


Check out the vid


So George has his work cut out for him.

I believe in this dude not because he's a client and not because he's my friend Some people would rather die then quit and this guy won't stop till he reaches his goal. I'm fortunate enough that he let me work with him towards this goal.


Check out one of our sessions below!

Krank Systems fat loss gym Brooklyn | KB Training Session with George from Krank Brooklyn on Vimeo.


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