Is it time for you to start building muscle?

Are you done burning fat and ready to get lean and ripped?

Are You Lost When it Comes to Working Out To Put On The Muscle You’ve Always Wanted?

This 16 week Gain Train Program takes everything I’ve learned about muscle growth and put’s it into one easy to follow program.

It’s science-backed and gym-tested for men and women, beginner and advanced.

If you want to build muscle and strength, this program is for you.

Here Is THE GAIN TRAIN Muscle Building Plan!

The key to the program is periodization, a method that involves changing up your training at specific times to maximize results.

Phase 1 – The Foundation

This 2 week phase of your 16 week Gain Train program is designed to prep your body for the work ahead.

We want to make sure your body is healthy and in the right state getting rid of some unwanted water weight and body fat.

We are also working the movement the fundamental patterns and building your work capacity.

The nutrition plan laid out in this phase will lay the ground work for some serious gains!

Phase 2 – Power House Strength

The 5 week block of training is specifically dedicated to getting strong!

Strength is neurological and based off of something called Motor Unit Recruitment. Motor unit recruitment refers to the activation of additional motor units to accomplish an increase in contractile strength in a muscle.

Long story short. Activate a higher number of motor units in the muscle you have now, Strength phase, the higher potential for muscle growth you will have later.

Nutrition for strength is key! Thats why we have a very detailed nutrition plan that will maximize your strength gains and put on solid strong usable muscle to carry you on to the next phase.

Phase 3 – Get Swole

This 6 week block of training is all about getting as Swole as possible!

Here we switch the intensity of your training. Reorganize the exercise sequence and ramp up the training volume!

You will love the feel and look of the muscle you put on in this phase.

Nutrition and supplementation is a big part as well. In this phase your nutrition will change daily based on your workouts and rest days.

We laid it all out for you.

Phase 4 – Detailzzz

The last 4 weeks are about burning fat and guess what else… Building even more muscle!

Here we really get to the nitty gritty working on all the little areas to fine tune your body. Your training is completely altered from the last to show all them detailz!

Your nutrition plan will need to be honed in and on point and we do that for you. Each week of this block your nutrition change to reflect that week of training.

This is where you get to see the fruits of your labor!

Hear is what is included in the program!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”22″ font_font=”Arial%20Black” font_style=”bold%20italic” font_spacing=”0″]A ton of work went in to making this thing.

We wanted to make sure you guys have everything you need to not only build muscle at the end of the program but continue after the program has ended.

Here are just a fraction of what comes with this program:[/text_block]

• Step by step guidance through each phase each week

• Nutrition plan for each phase, each week for your body type

• A detailed, specific training program with one purpose, to build muscle

• tracking worksheet to record progress and gains

• Bi-weekly in person check-ins with your coach to make sure your on the right path

• Webinars for each phase to help take the guess work out of training and answer each and every question you have about up coming training and nutrition

• Four skills building workshops so you know all the tips and tricks of muscle building.

• Daily emails and videos with training tips, recipes, motivation, supplement fact. Basically years of knowledge sift through and broken down into actionable tasks.

• Private Face Book group. This is a big one. Accountability is what brings about change and we will be here for you every single day to answer any question you may have and walk you through this process. You will have a team of people that are on the same journey as you, support is what you need during this process. We got you!

• And WAY WAY more…