To our Krank Family member



Welcome to Krank Systems Brooklyn. I want to thank you for taking the first step toward becoming fit, lean, and strong!

You’ve taken the biggest step by contacting our results based group personal training gym here in Brooklyn, NY.  and making the decision to change your life.  This puts you in the 1% of all the population, and for that, thank you.

Selecting our gym and our team of coaches to guide you on your path of results and success doesn’t go unnoticed, and it isn’t taken lightly.  My Team and I are honored to be a part of your journey. 

Thank you for trusting us in this process.

The next step is to setup your assessment if you haven’t already, and then attend it.   Here’s how the process works:




Step One:  Arrive at Krank


Here’s a google map of the gym’s location.  Click here and plug in where you’re coming from for directions.

Front of krank

We are located in City Closet Storage Loft spaces, right between the parking lot and loading dock.  You can park right in front of the building.

Our address is:

Krank Systems Brooklyn

2 Prince St 8FL (Door Code *800080#)

Brooklyn, NY 11201


There’s plenty of parking in front of the building, so grab an up front spot and come on in!


Step Two:  Come on in!

Once you park, punch in the door code: *800080# and take the elevator up to the 8fl.


Walk down the hall way and just follow the music, we always have some good stuff playing!


(A place for wet shoes, your coat, and anything else you need to bring, but don’t want to workout with. This area is CONSTANTLY in use by our members

What should you bring to your first visit

Just make sure you come through with some workout clothes, shorts or track pants and sneakers. Other than that we'll have all the weights, mats, water and face towels you'll need.

We do have 2 rest rooms for everyone to get changed in if your coming in after work.

You will be greeted by either myself (again,my name is Dan!), or one our Team members listed below:


 Coach Miguel

 Coach Chris

Coach Jamal

Coach Ayman

Rikki, Front Desk

We’ll be waiting to greet you and show you into our orientation office.  You will probably hear and see one of our results based group training sessions being conducted.  Since we want to give our groups our undivided attention, one of us will be coaching/training the members, and another one of us will be guiding you through the orientation.


It’s very likely that we’ll introduce you to another one of the coaches. After all, we want to provide you with a full Team of coaches to help you reach your goals!





Step Three: Let’s do the Orientation

Our orientation process will cover a lot, however we guide you through every step.  As long as you show up, we take care of everything else. There is no guess work!  Also, if you have any questions at any time, you can ask us and we’ll be happy to answer.  The only bad questions are the ones you don’t ask, so ask us anything you are thinking!

  • The first thing we do is explain the process, just like this page is doing for you right now.
  • Then, we build a profile for you, including address, number, email address, and birthday–we guide you through these easy questions so there’s absolutely no guess work.
  • From there we discuss your goals, your past workout history, past nutrition, success, and obstacles you might be worried about.

Here is Coach Migz is excited to walk you through our orientation process!

  • Depending on your goals and wishes, we will take your weight, 5 measurements (chest, hips, waist, left thigh and left arm).
  • After that, we’ll ask you a few easy  yes or no questions to make sure you are ready for physical activity. We ALWAYS have our members’ best interest at heart and want to make sure we build you the best possible program
  • Last up is a discussion of current options.  Based on your orientation and the information we receive, your Coach will recommend a program for you to help you reach your goals.  Once we find a good fit for you here, we’ll give you all the details needed to join and start achieving your goals.



When you decide to join our program…


We’ll explain our scheduling system and expectations of being on the schedule.  It’s super easy, and this will help make sure you, as our valued new member, stay accountable to your new program.

We’ll tell you what to expect during your first session, and during your first month.

We’ll make sure your only choice is to be massively successful at our gym!



Any Questions?  Ready to Sign up?

Contact our Team at Support@KrankBrooklyn and we’ll help within 12 hours.