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NYC Personal Trainer – Sore Muscles, Keep Moving.

Hey what up!!

Dan from KRANK Brooklyn here again with a short video for ya today.

I had a work out yesterday with one of my home boys.

Needless to say I feel beat!!

But I gotta keep moving, If I sit down and try to relax my muscles are going get tight and I'll be a MESS.

Check out the vid below.



Chapter 1 Intro

Chapter 2 Dynamic Warm Up

Chapter 3 Mobility

Chapter 4 CNS Activation

Chapter 5 The Aftermath

Chapter 6 Recovery

Chapter 7 Conlusion

The manual is jam packed with pics on how to do every single movement to get yourself healthy!!!



If you have any questions feel free to comment below!!



Dan Salazar

Krank Brooklyn

2 Prince St 5FL

Brooklyn, NY 11201





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