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What Up!!!

Summer is coming a lot faster then expected this year, hope you guys been getting in all your workout's!!

Anyway here's one of KRANK'S workouts of the day, remember always start with a good warm up. Take a look at THIS==>> if you aren't sure about how to warm up.


Ok here's the workout.


This is set up as a super set. The workout is broken up in to 2 parts.

1a) 5 hand walks

1b) 1 reverse lunge each leg

1c) 1 squat jump

Do this for 6 rounds as fast as possible


Take a 1-2 minute break when your done.


Main workout

2a) 10 kettle bell swings. The weight should be relatively heavy

2b) 10 goblet squats

2c) 5 spider man pushups each arm or progress to 1 arm pushups with chains if your advanced.


Do this for 6 rounds rest when needed.



10 minutes on the prowler HI/LOW for as many pushes as possible.


That's it for today.

Go Get Sh&t Done!!


Here's a Vid of some of our KRANKSTERS doing their thing!!!



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Dan Salazar

Krank Brooklyn

2 Prince St 5FL

Brooklyn, NY 11201





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