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11 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Workout | Weight Loss Gym Brooklyn, NYC

Don't have enough time to workout?

Well let me help you out.

I'm going to show you a couple of tricks to give your normal hour to hour and a half workout a mega boost in just 30-45 minutes each session.


Disclaimer: Consult a doctor before you start of any new workout plan. If you have any heart condition or are taking any prescribed medication, have any bone or joint injury you should most definitely see a fitness professional and get clearance from you doctor.

Don't get hurt try to get fit fast. If you get hurt you can't workout, if you can't workout you can't get fit.




1) Work hard 

First I just want to say If you’re just starting out with exercise,  take it easy and build up. You have to develop a foundation or you going to wreck yourself.

Ok, now if your able to train for longer then 30 minutes your not working hard enough.

Bottom line is you get a longer lasting metabolic effect from shorter more intense workouts. All that means is at the end of the day workout harder for a short period of time and you burn more fat. Check It out HERE==>>



2) Do the most important thing first.

For my meat heads out there, if your benching (most likely on Monday) and you either feel like shit or are short on time, just bench. Do your prescribed sets and reps and just get the hell out of there. If you have time later that day just use 15-20 minutes to hit the accessory work.



3) Get protein.

A lot people don’t pay enough attention to getting the protein in the body. If you don’t, you basically wasted your time working out.

The Amino acids in protein are body’s building blocks, they form cells, repair tissue, make antibodies, build DNA, carry oxygen throughout the body, assisting muscle activity, as well as being part of the enzyme and hormonal system.

Drink shakes and eat animals.


If that's not your thing you can find tons of plant based proteins on the market.



4) Water.

Exercise performance is impaired when an individual is dehydrated by as little as 2% of body weight. Losses in excess of 5% of body weight can decrease the capacity for work by about 30% (Armstrong et al. 1985; Craig and Cummings 1966; Maughan 1991; Sawka and Pandolf 1990).


Drink water.


5) Shake before and (or) after workout.

This topic has a little controversy behind it. Some say it's best before some say it's best after and other say before and after. I'm going to just say drink the shit. Amino acids are important get em in your body when you can. Once you hit the level of advanced, premier, high level peak athlete then well go over the semantics.



6) Lift heavy.

Bottom line is lift heavy and get dense lean muscle.


Now I know that sounds appealing to just men but ladies when you lift heavy your muscle will tight tighter and more firm, no more unwanted jiggly body parts.


And ladies don't worry about getting a "Man Neck" it's super difficult for a women to get super jacked. Read THIS==>> article for a little reassurance.


7) Do compound lifts.

This one is a give in. If your looking to burn fat bicep curls, crunches and triceps extensions are not going to get you to your goal, you need to hit those big muscles that burn tons of calories like squats, lunges, deads, pulls and presses.

The same thing goes for gaining muscle or getting defined. Go with the big compound movements first for a few phases of your training.

Once you have the big stuff on smash then you should target all the little muscles.  Don't spend time looking at a leaf and over look the forest.


8 ) Make cardio fun. Why run on a treadmill if you hate it. Go play basketball, baseball, pick up boxing, go dancing or just play with your kids in the park. You'll get the same effect and have way more fun doing it.



9) Change your program.

Granted you have to stick to a specific program for a given amount of time to insure that you progress. Program hoping is a big no no, program ADD won't help you get to where you want to be. You can't and 100% shouldn't do something different every single day how would you every know if your making progress. However once you beat the hell out of that program it's time to switch it up to ensure you continue to progress. I would say every 4-6 weeks is good amount of time to stick to a solid training program, then change it up.



10) Solid form. If you don't know what your doing you won't get all the benefits of doing it. Learn form and technique.



11) Circuits. Some love and some hate this style of training, either way it does work. You can get lean as hell if you know how and when to add them in and the right exercises, set and rep scheme to use. Hit up a circuit at the end of a workout or as a filler, the days after a major workout, to help your conditioning or with fat loss.







Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


2 Prince St. 5FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201




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