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You’ve tried a billion times and you are over looking at you skinny, over weight body or feeling pain everyday. So you finally decide to do something about it. You go ask around about the best running sneakers, you get a Lucille Roberts membership, you google the fuck out of exercises and diets. Your home girl decides to join you, she's wanted to get in shape for awhile to.                                                           


After 3 weeks you are by yourself, your friend suddenly got busy and can't show up anymore or you got busy, gotta go for drinks after, got a hot date, work schedule changed, kids got sick, dog took a shit on the rug so you missed a day. Next week you missed 2 days, 3 days  for some other thing that just happened then your like "fuck this shit, I have to much to do and no one to work out with".

This happens all the time, scenarios are just little deferent.  

Wanna know what's the reason some people can stick to a program and others can't? And no no it's not discipline and will power. That'll only get you through the first few weeks.


It's habit!








First we make our habits, then our habits make us. – Charles C. Noble


Your habits are what define you. Consistently eat bad (bad habit) and not workout, you will not look the way or feel the way you want (result).

So lets figure out how to create good habits!











1. Set Goals.
What do you want?
    •    Get ripped?
    •    Bigger muscles?
    •    Drop fat?
    •    Strength?
    •    Speed?
    •    Agility?
    •    Abs?
    •    Feel better?
    •    A round ass?

Training consistently can get you any number of goals. But you have to know what you want, not guess, but really really know.
You may want the total package and you fuckin deserve it!
But for now lets start with your most important goal, the one that would mean the most if you could change it right right now. Cool?









2. Set a Deadline.

Goals are nothing without a deadline.
3, 6, 12 months whatever, write that shit out and put it some where you'll see it daily.
I have my goals on the closet door so every boring before I leave the house to head to Krank have no choice but to see them.
This will put it in your head that you have a purpose, a mission, it makes it real not just a thought.










3. Plan.
Now that the goal(s) are set lets plan this thing out!
    •    What's your shopping list for healthy foods?
    •    What type of training program will you be on?
    •    Who do you need to speak to for guidance or help?
    •    How many days a week can you realistically train?
    •    What time are you available to train?

Time is valuable!
With all the stuff we have going on in life, you really cannot afford to waste any of it! Every minute you spend training SHOULD BRING YOU CLOSER TO YOUR GOAL. Choose a  training program that gets results. Again don't wing it, we've been doing that for years! We waste money on raspberryketons, spin, group X classes, zumba, Lucille Roberts, videos, and random infomercial crap. It's time to stop bull shitting and start really getting what you want out of life!!










4. Stick to the plan.
You are going to have those days that you don't want to do nothing, your gonna feel like crap! It's all good, everyone, even top level athletes feel that way but just go to the gym. Just know that all you have to do is come in and let the training program do it's thing!


It's all mind over matter, believe it!

Imagine this…

You head to work everyone bumps you in the train, your boss is being an asshole, your computer all jacked up so you can't work, you just spilled coffee all over your white shirt! Now you feel awful, your tiered, grumpy and just want to go home and sleep.  

Later that day your husband, girlfriend, mom whoever calls you and they tell you that you just got a check in the mail for $20,000. The IRS owes you money and they just paid you a stupid amount!!! How would you then feel?
Instantly you'll have tons of energy and feel alive, the only thing that changed was your mind, your shirt is still filthy and your boss is still an asshole but you could careless.








When you have a scheduled workout just go!!  Don't make any excuses, go the gym. If you feel like shit, go to the gym,  your friends wanna go for drinks after work, go to the gym. Just being there is more important then the amount of energy you able to put in that day.

Some of the best training sessions I've ever had were on days i really really didn't want to go.

Train consistently and you will build the exercise habit!











6. Train with people that the good habit.

If your friend quits working out you'll most likely do the same, you’ll probably end up quitting too. But if  she or he sticks with it, so will you. That's just the way thing work.

At Krank were big on community, we want everyone to want to train and because  of that everyone pushes each other to do better, work harder and give it their all.

If you don't have a training partner or friend you will have one as soon as you walk through the door.

Their is no judging at all just a community of people that really want to see you do better then you did yesterday and that's why I fuking love this place!!
Good people will always motivate you & help you reach your goal. Forget the lames.









7. Believe.

Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are usually right. – Henry ford

Believing that you can is a big step and actually getting what you want. If you say it's to hard then every damn day will be a battle and you will quit.

Just tell yourself that it's a process, a new chapter in life, accept it and know that you are just a few steps away from reaching your goal.

It takes about 30 days – 6 months depending on how long you've compounded those bad habits to develop a good one and actually see the change in your body. Some of us have spent our entire life doing messed up things to ourselves so we need to be patient during this process, the change will happen because you are taking the right steps make sure you fuck shit up in life!

For the first 30 days you have to push yourself to the gym consistently. After that it'll be easier, you,ve developed the good habits now all you have to do is watch your body and life change!



Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


2 Prince St. 5FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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