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It’s something thats happened to us all!

We start a training program and it’s going great, but after a couple of weeks maybe even a few months or years and then we fall off the wagon. Then we might feel guilty or down, and because we know it's hard to start all over again we say fuck it and dead the whole thing or just keep putting it off.

Just recently I fell off of my own training program and I found it super hard to get back into it. I got hurt again, I was a skater, messenger and did muay thai just about everyday, type A go getter so I just kept pushing myself and BOOM, pain. I took way too much time off, I had to get back into it so I to hit the reset button and humble myself to get back to where I wanted to be.
Slowly but surely I'm making a come back!!



For You guys that have fallen off your training program and really want to get back in the mix here are a few tips:









1) Get your focus back.


Sometime you may think because you were already in the program that you can start right back where you left off, not the case. It's not that your accutally starting all over again but you have to take a step or 2 back, even though it'll be easier then it was the first time we just want to make sure you don't get hurt, you have been out of the game for a minute. Getting your focus back also means making a commitment.


You have no idea how much this accutally works. Also have other people hold you accountable. Tell everyone you know that you are getting back on your grind. A true friend will call BULLSHIT if they see you get lazy


2) Focus on just this one goal.


You want to get back in shape, I get it, but you can't try to change your diet, add cardio and do a bunch of other shit while your just starting to train again. You'll lose your mind. Just be patient and
work on  this one goal. Build the habit of just one thing and then add another once your settled in to a routine.










3) Just one month.


You don’t need to start on a monday or the  beginning of a month or after some other frivolous thing happens. START RIGHT NOW!! But do it for JUST 30 days straight. Stay strong and commit to that and it'll get way easier, promise. 🙂











4)Work out at the same time every day.


Keep telling yourself "I'll workout when I find the time", and you'll never find it! 


Set the time for yourself and work everything around it.  Morning and after work are normally the best times. Do at that same time every other day and don't miss one session, even if you feel like shit.

Your coach will be able to adjust based on your every levels.  











5) Baby steps.


Again when we start something we want to go 1,000% and change everything in the world in order to meet our goals, but that is gonna lead you to burn out and frustration. When getting back into the groove of things just take it light and progress slowly back to your old level. If you used to run for an hour just do a half hour, If you kettle bell swing with the 20 Kgs just do 16kgs or 12kgs, If you’re used to benching 315 for 8 reps hit 185 for 12 reps.

Know what I mean??









Start slow or you'll just piss yourself off and say "fuck this shit!!" and have a hard time sticking to it. Once you’re back in the habit, you can increase your workload.



6) Learn from the past.


There’s a reason you stopped training. Figure out what it was, and don't let it happen again.


7) Be happy and enjoy the process.


The first few days of training are the most important. Give yourself a pat on the back often during this time, and be happy about just making it in! After that, it just gets easier. After a month, your good money!!

Stay strong and always remember the real reason why you wanted to hit the gym in the first place.

Use that pain, that feeling of wanting to better yourself, of being and feeling good about who you are as the drive to help you stay committed and you will be a fucking BOSS!!!









Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


2 Prince St. 5FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201


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