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@ Forsyth and Stanton st. in the soccer field

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Why is it that some people easily meet their fitness goals and others have such a hard time just dropping a few pounds or gaining a little muscle?


Maybe it's that they are on a better training program, Could be.

Maybe they are on a better nutrition plan. 

Or, maybe they just have more time.

But if we really dissect each one of these “maybes,” we’ll find that they will help you to reach your goal but they are not the deciding factor.

I say that because over the past couple of years I’ve seen people that have had all the odds stacked up against them completely change their lives.

I’ve seen people with 2 jobs and a 3 kids find time to get in a workout 3 days a week.

People that have had the worst eating habits imaginable all of a sudden become examples of how to create a healthy clean diet.

People with tons of injuries some how recover and dramatically transform the bodies.

These people all had on thing in common…

And, it’s this ONE thing that will dictate whether you end up reaching your goals and sustaining your results.

This one thing is something that cannot be taught.



You have to have the will, the attitude, the determination to never ever give up till you reach what you set out for!

Will you Do What It Takes?

The best athletes in the world will do whatever it takes to be the best.

They'll seek coaching. (get a personal trainer)

They practice their craft alone just to perfect their skills. (Do workout when they are not in the gym)  

They skip going out on a friday night with friends in order to watch some film. (read the information given by their coach)

They eat right because they know that nutrition is fuel they need to perform and get them results on the court.



They are willing to do whatever it takes to realize their goals.







Look at Michael Jordan.

Throughout the 80’s, Jordan racked up a ton of personal achievements (scoring titles, league MVP awards, and “Defensive Player of the Year”). But no championships.

It wasn't until he realized that he had to make some changes to his game and the areas he was lacking in that he finally started to rack up on the championships

What areas are you lacking in that need your focused attention in order to get your championship ring.

I this example because sometimes you need to do those extra workouts, sometimes you’ll need to improve your nutrition, and other times you’ll need to figure out how to find time to just get in the gym with a coach. The areas that need attention are different for each person, but the one thing that never changes is the attitude towards your success.


As I said earlier, this is something you can’t teach.

I can show you how to use exactly how to eat to get results, how to train when you show up to KRANK, and how to maximize your training sessions to get the most done in the least amount of time, but what I can’t do is change your mindset.


I can’t teach you how to be willing to sacrifice the fun food and the hanging out, the good in your life, to go for the great


I can't teach you how to say no to another round of beers.

I can’t teach you how to find the will power to get up an extra 30 minutes earlier to get to the gym.

And, I can’t teach you how to not give up when results aren't coming as fast as you would like them to.

I really feel though If you’re reading this you already have what it takes to be great.

No one is paying you to read this – you’re reading it in order to grow in some way.

What I recommend you do now is for now, choose one area in your fitness journey that you feel needs your attention and focus on that.

After you’ve done that, move on to the next.

Little by little you will see a change.

I wish you the best of success and no matter what, never lose your attitude of doing whatever it takes in order to become successful.





Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar

Fat loss, Strength and Conditioning


2 Prince St. 5FL
New York, NY 11201


Our POP up KRANK training sessions are running this week in lower Manhattan, Lower East Side.

@ Forsyth and Stanton st. in the soccer field


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