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Just imagine…

For the first time, everything in your life is coming together, and you’re moving forward in the direction you want.


You’re starting to look better each week. That fat is finally falling off. You’re getting leaner, healthier, stronger. You’re happier and on your to writing a new chapter in your life. Then something happens. Things start going wrong and BOOM!


These "situations" can out of nowhere. It could be a bad night of eating, traveling, injury, loss job, illness, the end of a relationship, or worst…


The fact is, shi*t happens, to all of us, and not just once in a while. No one is impervious to sh*t happening. And when it does happen you sometimes think the world is over, time is wasted and your back at square one.  It can destroy momentum, cripple self-confidence, and send you into a whirlpool of one bad situation after another of things not going your way. 



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The road your on isn't always straight 



Eventhough you can’t prevent bad things from happening to you, you can expect it as a part of life. Remember, it’s not a question weather of if bad things are going to come your way; it’s a question of when and how will you deal with it. 


See this misfortune is coming regardless, and we need to embrace it. How you handle It, is how we grow as human beings; this how character is built. 


Your character is not tested until things start to go south. The ones that have that perseverance in their eye, the courage to succeed, the inspiration to carry on in spite of a messed up situation are the ones that make a difference.  


Whenever you're in a tight spot or an unwanted situation. When something comes up that may take you away from changing your life and body, for a moment, ask yourself, " What can I do to make this better? How can I turn this around and get the most out of the current situation?   



doesnt go as planned


When you start to approach life this way, ideas and opportunities start to open up for you.


Thinking this way is a skill and takes a little practice, but once you learn this valuable tool you will not only continue to move forward, you'll have a seemingly unlimited amount of inner strength! You will be able to  deal with anything life brings your way.


Start looking at situations this way and you will realize misfortune is a part of the climb towards success. Don’t let it adversity stop you.

Transform that negative into a positive. This is your life, you have the power to take control of the situation. 


Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar
Krank Brooklyn 

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