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Cardio or Weights To Burn Fat? | Best Gym In Brooklyn | Dan Salazar

weights or cardio


The question that comes to everyone's mind that's looking to get a leaner physique. 

Most gym rats or beginner fitness enthusiast would say Krank (see what I did there) out the cardio if you want to burn fat and lift weights to get muscles.  But how many people do you know do endless hours of cardio only to sweat up there workout clothes and lose no weight what so ever or meat heads that train day in and day out and build no muscle. 


Let's not talk too much about the muscle building part and keep it to just straight fat loss.  


Yes, it is true when you initially start jogging or running you will lose some weight and or fat. That's may mainly be because it is a completely new form od exercise for you, but then homeostasis sets in. 


Your body basically adapts to the stimulus and what used to burn 300 -500 calories per hour now only burns 150 – 250 calories per hour. It becomes less effective over time. Now you have 3 choices if you choose to continue. 


1) Run longer
2) Run further
3) Run faster  


Maybe you can add a 4th or 5th choice like hills or a backpack but for the most part that's what ya got. 


Cardio also does one more thing to your body that kinda sucks…


For the most part a higher percentage of calories that you burn does, in fact, come from fat storages, even though it's not many calories, the calories you burn are fat calories.


Sounds good right?!?!


However since your burning fat for fuel your body actually becomes very efficient at storing most of the fat you eat for fuel for later use.  


How wack is that!?! 


Since you're now burning fat as your primary source of fuel, your body adapts and becomes very good at storing fat. 


Now It now it sounds like i;m just trying to crap all over cardio, but i'm not I'm just trying to show you that it may not be as effective as we have been lead to believe. 


Their are a couple more negative side effects to just using cardio as a form of weight loss / fat loss, but i'll leave that for the next post. 


cardio or weight for fat loss


Keep Moving, 

Dan Salazar



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