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Diet confusion: I just want to look hot! | Best Gym In Brooklyn

I know why it's so Freakin' Hard to Lose Weight and Build Muscle. 

With all the conflicting, confusing information on the internet it's easy to see how you can go nuts trying to decipher the mess of content? 

There is a wide variety of dietary protocols from the don't eat anything that taste good diet to the eat like a neanderthal diet.

How about starving  yourself  and ruining your metabolism with cleanses or eradicating carbohydrates, low protein, high protein, and the ever so popular eat all the nuts and coconut oil till your ass blows up diet. . 

Well, I have some good news for you, but you have to be ready to hear it. Some aren't ready and prefer to keep reading and finding the next trend. 

You're not like that are you? 

Dieting can be an enjoyable lifestyle; it doesn't have to be the torture that you may think. It's possible to burn fat eating the food that you like, that actually taste good without feeling like your be punished.

It's possible to build muscle without being a gluttonous slob and getting overly fat during your bulking season.  And yes you can cheat, have a drink or two and not worry about you ruining your diet. 

You can “cheat” frequently and guilt-free, but all you need is The Formula. 

Check your inbox tomorrow. 



Dan Salazar

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