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Sucky Workouts – Krank Brooklyn | Dan Salazar




For most people, working out is not an enjoyable experience. 



Most people have mediocre, as a matter of fact terrible workouts. People struggle through them, tired and sluggish, just wanting to get it over with. Joints and muscles acting up randomly with the end to the pain in sight and little to no progress being made at all. 



How sucky is this scenario? But I see it all the time. People just accept it as, this is what it's supposed to be. 



Don’t get me wrong, once in a blue moon you’ll have an amazing training session. But they are few and far between. 


Let me see if I can help change that for you. 


Now some of this stuff you might know or have an idea about these are the fundamentals to having a kick ass training session. 





Eat Food



Some People are different, but for the most part you want to eat something prior to training. 


Its kind of like driving cross country without having gas in the tank. Your going nowhere fast.


Ideally, try to get something in your system 1-2 hours before the session. If you eat right before its gonna show up all over the gym floor, NOT PRETTY. 




If your trying to lose fat: 

Just a protein meal will do


Trying to gain muscle:

Hit all your macros. Proteins, fats, and crabs. 



Just make sure you get something in your system. 










Fruits, nuts, yogurts, a protein shake, work just fine. They can be quickly digestible and very portable. Not the ideal situation but its something. 



Since your in a time crunch, don't stuff your face. Just eat  enough to fuel your training session without giving you that bloated feeling. 





Proper Warm Up

Your warm up should accomplish 5 things


1. Work on soft tissue to release scar tissue and adhesions. (Message and smooth out the kinks in muscles)  

2. Promote blood flow to heat the body

3. Mobilize the joints so they can work through the full range of motion while having strength to stabilize 

4. Excite the nervous system to prime the body for movement.

5. Prime or program the movement for required for that day of training



Sounds like a lot of stuff right?


Well, if your missing your warm up you may be leaving a lot of progress on the table. 

Check out these videos for a good, proper warm up. 











If your sleeping is shit, so will be your training sessions. Why? 


Optimizes hormones that regulate everything that goes on in your body


-Cleans out toxic build up from the environment and foods

-Help build lean muscle 

-Help burn fat

-Help detoxify the brain of free radicals which helps you think  clearer.

-Help reduce stress

-Bits of help you become a millionaire

-Gives you the strength of 300 bearded men



Ok, I'm kidding about the last 2, kinda. 😉 


But you get where I'm going with this right? I can go on and on just sleep a little bit more.


If you can’t get any more hours in, try meditation. At least you’ll be able to relax the nervous systems for a little while which can deliver a similar effect of sleeping.  


Ok, that’s it for now…


Don’t want to make this post too long, then you won't read it. 


Stay tuned for part 2 



If your looking to get you training in order with a systematized approach just ask one of our trainers when you come in how we can help!



Keep Moving, 

Dan Salazar


Krank Brooklyn 

Strength and Conditioning 

2 Prince St 8FL 

Brooklyn, NY 11201


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