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Sucky Workouts Part Double Duce- Krank Brooklyn | Dan Salazar



If you didn't get a chance to take a look at part one of this series. 


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Same Damn Thing 

Most people stick to the same sets, reps, weight, intensity and exercises. I see it, even with in Krank. 


I’m not saying you got use “muscle confusion” HAHAHA!! 




What I'm saying is you have to systematically progress week after week. Then when you stop progressing you have to make a lateral movement to progress again. 


You need a plan! 



Let's use the squat as an example of progression with weight:

Week 1 100lbs
Week 2 110lbs
Week 3 120Lbs 
Week 4 130Lbs 
Week 5 110lbs 



Now lets use the squat as an example of progression with reps:


Week 1 – 8 reps 
Week 2 – 10 reps 
Week 3 – 12 reps 
Week 4 – 10 reps 



A lateral movement would be a variation of the main movement you are trying to perfect or improve upon. 


Week 1 – 3 Squat
Week 4 – 6 Box squat 
Week 7-9 Pause Squat 
Week 10 -12 Squat 

Now progression or getting better is ever a liner deal. If that was the case no one would ever plateau. 


At Krank we use a system a bit more complexed then what's described above so you can continuously make progress. We intertwine all the variables based on that person's specific problem. But you guys should get the idea. 


You need to have a well thought out plan, a system for progression. Winging it or bouncing around between different workouts won't change anything. 


Stay tuned for part three! 


If your looking to get you training in order with a systematized approach just ask one of our trainers when you come in how we can help! 





Keep Moving, 
Dan Salazar

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