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And on to the show!


Metabolic Resistance Training is basically a combination cardiovascular and muscular training. It can involve supersets, circuits, speed, low rest and compound movements, bored of just lifting weights or just doing cardio, then put them together.  



But just like we talked about previously, it has to have a system of progression or you’ll just be sitting in a pool of sweat with no significant change to your body. So when properly periodized and structured, MRT can help you build muscle, burn fat and gain strength at the same time. 



For a beginner. Our advance clientele we use a more complexed detailed system. 




The single most important factor in not getting the results you're looking for is consistency.


Sticking to an exercise for a long enough time to master that movement. 


Sticking to a single diet for a long enough time to actually allow your body to understand what's going on. 


Sticking to a single program, instead of bouncing around from this to that. (Shiny object syndrome. It’s actually a condition, look it up) 


Stay consistent, to something with some sort of rational structure and you’ll get a little bit closer to the results you're looking for. 





Finally, the end! 




If you're looking to get you training in order with a systematized approach just ask one of our trainers when you come in how we can help! 

Keep Moving, 
Dan Salazar

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