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Reverse The Holiday Fatness + 25 Free At Home Workouts

Best Gym In Brooklyn - Thanksgiving


What do holiday parties and get togethers all have in common?


Food and booze…Like a lot of it! It’s no wonder most people gain weight this time of the year.Everywhere you turn, you’re surrounded by cookies, rum, pumpkin pies, stuffing and more.


Even healthy foods like sweet potatoes and green beans are magically converted to high-calorie fat bombs.


Want to know how to bypass the holiday chubb gut?




Yes, the holidays do bring with it some bomb ass good foods and drinks, but friend gatherings and family traditions aren’t all about food, well kinda…


But, before a party, remind yourself what the holiday season is all about, spending time with your loved ones. Then stay focused, no need to go ape shit eating everything in site. Enjoy yourself, just try not to stuff your face.


Remember your fat loss goals.


Remind yourself of how far you’ve come and where you’re headed. Keep your goals in the forefront of your mind.


Enjoy you aunts signature baked macaroni and cheese, It’s the shiet!! (That means really delicious for you none urban folk) Just don’t go crazy.



I could give you a bunch of little helpful tips like:

1) Eat only protein, low carb and low-fat foods during the day leading up the event.


2) Chew gum before and after your meals


3) Make better food and drink choices


4) Stay away from the kitchen


5) Blah blah blah…


The most important thing to consider is your training.


Take your ass to the gym before you head out to the party and early in the morning the next day. Nothing will mitigate the possible damage you have caused to your body than a DOPE (amazing and effective) Krank session.


Follow the tips, enjoy the holiday season, eat food, kiss your loved ones but don’t forget your training or why you started on your fitness journey.


I am passionate about seeing our members, which I now consider family, achieve results without wasting time, over thinking or losing focus.


If you’re not part of the Krank Brooklyn family, give us a shout and we’ll help you out!




If you aren’t able to make it in to Krank here is a little gift.


25 days of at home workouts to get your metabolism revved up and give you little jump start towards your fitness goals.




Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar
2 Prince St. 8FL
Brooklyn, NY 11201





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