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Have you made progress yet?




Wanna get jacked, want to loss fat or just be athletically fit?? 

Here are 4 things that need to stop. And we have the plan to help. 



1) Change your mind all the time. 

One minute you want to be jacked and tanned, the next you want to be lean and toned, but your losing your strength and we can’t have that….


You want to gain muscle but are scared to possibly lose your abs for a month or 2 so you shoot yourself in the foot and do tons of cardio and stop eating to gain.


Or for the weight loss client.


You want, you need to drop weight because of how you feel or the doctor said your at serious health risk. It may require you to do things that you may be a little uncomfortable with. So you set you mind into “work mode”!


In a few weeks you get tired (unmotivated) of exercising then you say, “I only have one life, so I’m a live it the way I want!” to only, in a few weeks realize that’s a bad idea, go back to the gym and run the same cycle again and again.


Does this sound familiar???


Stick to the goal, just one, see it through, then move to the next.

Consistent completion is what gets results.



2) Brain dead eating.


Want to gain muscle but don't track how much you eat? It ain't gonna happen! Same goes for the fat loss client. 


Aspiring meat head, you may think your eating a ton and stuffing your face to grow, but if you aren't keeping track you'll find that you are not meeting the caloric requirements to induce muscle growth. 


If your goal is fat loss you must eventually learn to keep track of your nutrition, just for a little while, then you can eye ball it, when it becomes second nature.


(There is a 12 point scale of nutrition tracking from beginner to advance. Set up an appointment with one of the coaches to help you figure out what works best for you) 


Think about it… Your goal for fat loss is to be in a calorically reduced state, but a bit of chocolate, glass of wine, even something healthy like almonds here and there can add up calories quick. 

Pay attention. 






3) Go 0 – 100 real quick

You think you have to follow a training and nutrition program 100% and if it’s not followed that day you throw the whole shit out the window. 

Look, this is most of you reading this email, it happens to me sometime. 




However, you have to forgive yourself, understand what caused the slip up and strategically avoid it from happening again. 


If a red button on a in front of you right now and every time you pushed it you got electrocuted. How many times would it take you getting electrocuted before you stopped pushing that damn red button??  


Find out what your triggers are and avoid them. 


You wont get this right 100% of the time, no one on this earth perfect, but your success rate will increase over time. 


Remember progress not perfection…








The last thing I want to talk about is planning. I think the reason why some people don’t plan for fitness is because they did some diet, "detox" or just randomly worked out before, had good results and think they can just do the same thing over and over again to achieve the body they want.


However… the weight creeps back, little by little, now they may be right where they started or maybe a littler bigger.


Then on to the next similar type diet or workout only to gain back just what they lost, never ever really getting anymore then mediocre results.


One thing you have to understand is you must review your plan or what your doing after your achieved some measurable success.


What did you do, how much weight did you lift, how many reps, how many times a week, what was your diet like, sleep, water, etc.. You must do this if you want to see another change in your body you'll have to periodize and program your training and nutrition. 


If your happy just losing the same exact 10 pounds every time you try something new then… #hardtruth. 


Plan a destination, then the route to get there, with millstones along the way to make sure you are on course. 


Get after it, train hard, but smart…



Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar


If some of this stuff is foreign to you email me at and set up a meeting with us and we'll help you plan and strategize everything out for you.


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