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Krankbrooklyn,  #BestGymInBrooklyn tip in under a minute. 
If you wanted just one exercise to burn fat, take care of your posture, build muscle, explosive power, athleticism and improve your cardiovascular conditioning, you'd probably choose #kettlebell swings. 
Unfortunately this is one most people get wrong, here's how you do it.

EXERCISE INDEX: Kettlebell Swings

1. Hinge over, grip the bell. Keep the chest up, hips high, shin vertical and back flat.


2. Hike pass the bell back keeping the handle of the bell just above the knees.


3. With that momentum of the bell thrust your hips forward by squeezing the butt, let your thighs push the bell forward. Lock the knees at the top of the swing.


4. On the way down, let the bell guide your body. You only sit back when your wrists reach your thighs.


5. Repeat steps 2 & 4 for desired reps. .


Holler if you have any questions.
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Keep Moving, 

Dan Salazar





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