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I think we live in the age of complacency.

Some people do just enough to get by, they just want to "pass", just barely make it.

We want the world but aren't ready to put in the work required.


Be grateful for everything you have because someone on this planet has a hell of a lot less than you do right now, but never be complacent.


Strive for more! Be stronger, faster, leaner, smarter, earn more, BE MORE.


By being the best YOU, you can be, YOU can effect more people, YOU can help more people.


Would YOU want your children, nieces, nephews, co workers or employees to just settle for whatever life gives them?

YOU owe it to yourself to be a better YOU in everyway.





Live the life someone would want to write a book about, be the person you know you should be, the person YOU were born to be.


Everyone was given a gift, I don't know what your gift is but you have one and YOU owe it to the world to find out what the gift is.


The only way you will discover what "IT" is, is by pushing yourself further than what and what you are doing right now.


Trust me you will get knocked down, you will fail, but don't be afraid, everyone fails at some point in their life. EVERYONE!


You are no expectation. But what will make you truly great is how you get back up from that failure, how you overcome adversity.


Are you just going to complain about your situation or are you going to change it? It's your choice and yours alone.


You may or may not have people in your life to help you on your journey towards (Insert goal here___________), but at the end of the day it's your life, your goals, no one else's. 


Put in the work required to achieve greatness.



Ask yourself these questions 3 times a day to, be honest, don't lie to yourself.


What do I need to do or what do I need to know to help me reach my goal?

Do I trust that I will eventually reach my goal? If not, why?

I'm I doing everything possible RIGHT NOW to get ME closer towards my goals?


It's your call will you be great or just settle for mediocrity?





Keep Moving,

Dan Salazar









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