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Holiday Eating: How not to get fat | Best Gym In Brooklyn

Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away and the holiday season around the corner.

Trust me, I  know how hard it is to resist all the eating and drinking (and the weight gain that comes with it) so I put together a quick guide to eating during the holidays.

This was going to be a blog post but I decided to send this out to our email list, the Insider Email Krank Squad. 


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1) DON’T play yourself thinking that you’re going to eat less after the holiday event, therefore it’s ok to eat everything you want during the event.

You will may not have the motivation to diet once the event has passed.


2) DO eat less junk and more vegetables for 3-5 days leading up to the event. You’ll look even better when you turn up at the event and you'll feel less guilty if you do decide to indulge. 



3) DON'T drink wine or beer.

Go for hard alcohol if you need a drink. Why? Because you can babysit a hard drink all night, but with wine and beer there’s a chance you'll want another more than just a few. 


4) DO position yourself as far away from the appetizer table as possible


5) DON’T sit in front of the TV. What’s on TV this Thanksgiving? An awesome football game. What’s in front of the TV? Most likely a table with snacks. If you really want to watch the game then do it standing up. 


6) DO bring your own dish to the occasion. Nobody has to know that it’s healthy or low calorie and at least you’ll know how many calories and the ingredients that are in it.


7) DO send people home with food if you are hosting a party.


8) DO sit at the table as far from the unhealthy food options as possible. If you have to keep standing up, putting your drink down and reaching across Aunt Margaret to grab bread you’re not going to have as many pieces as if it were right in front of you.


Stick to these guidelines and I promise you will keep the weight off while everyone around you gains another 4-8 pounds!
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