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Whether you are trying to make the team, get more playing time, or reach an elite level, you deserve the best chance to reach your potential. Without the right program, you might miss your chance or waste your time and energy on in-effective training.
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Get Faster

Guiding youth athletes on how to sprint, change direction and have overall control of their bodies is paramount. Proper running mechanics will help them develop into a faster, more agile athlete dynamic athlete.
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Get Stronger

Strength can help any athlete to be more explosive and resilient against injury. Krank delivers the appropriate strength training program for specific athletic types with exceptional coaching.
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Reduce Injury

Training with correct form and technique can reduce an athlete’s risk of injury and possible burnout. Optimizing mobility & stability, identifying your individual deficits, Krank helps you stay in the game for the long haul.
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Get a comprehensive performance evaluation to determine your current performance level and injury risks.

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Make sure it’s the right fit for the athlete by trying a class. You’ll get feedback from the coach and an idea if the is right for you.

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Choose from group classes, semi-privates or special programs to get a program that matches your goals and schedules.


Premier Group

Age 13 – 17

This is the time athletes should be “learning to train” laying the foundation for more advanced training as they mature. Athletes will learn how to load fundamental patterns of lifting and expand on movement capabilities while addressing speed, strength and agility.

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Elite Group

Age 18+

Athletes of this age are “Training to Compete”. We address the needs of an athlete has relating to injury prevention, speed, agility, strength, power, hypertrophy. The program is built around what athletes are doing with their teams at school allowing the athlete to get the most out of all their training.

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“Elevate your athlete’s performance with the same individualized training that helps the world’s top athletes succeed.​”

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