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Well, think of it less like a punishment and more like having a solid support system. Someone that wants the best for you but won’t allow you to fall into familiar patterns. 


When it comes to setting goals with your coach, it’s crucial to start from where you’re at. If hitting the gym twice a week has been your norm, jumping to six might feel like trying to climb Mount Everest overnight. That’s a recipe for burnout, high expectations or injuries.

Here’s a little rule I like to go by: aim for progress in the ballpark of 5-15%. Now, I haven’t pulled this number out of a scientific study, but it’s more based on what I’ve seen work for most folks. It’s about making realistic strides towards your goals without overwhelming yourself.



Having someone to hold you accountable—whether it’s a coach, friend, or family member—is all about staying true to your word and becoming the person you aspire to be. It’s not about shaming or guilt-tripping; it’s about empathy and unwavering support, minus the enabling.

Consider bringing a friend along for the journey? There’s something about having a partner that makes the whole journey a bit easier and a lot more fun.



At Krank Brooklyn, our mission is simple: we don’t succeed unless you do. But, we’re not mind readers! So don’t hesitate to speak up. Helping you reach your goals is not just our job—it’s our pleasure. But seriously, we can’t help you if you don’t tell us what you need. 🤝


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