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What up!!!

So today is the today is the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day! That mean burgers, hotdogs, beers and whatever else your family brings to a BBQ!! That also mean you are going to eat a bunch of shit you wouldn’t normally eat, typically ruining whatever diet you were on.

By: Daniel Salazar

Check this out, most gyms close early today so you might have slept in on your day off and missed your chance to get in a good workout before you get ready to feed your face.

Take a look at the Labor Day Fat Burner Workout. It is shot at a local NYC park by my apartment. You don’t need a gym to DO WORK SON!!!

Link to Video:

PS: These are kind of like the straps i used to o the pushups. You don’t need them but they do give you a little challenge!!

Enjoy your work out!

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